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NFL rush game day sounds awesome

I am downloading it but it is taking forever such a big game I am expecting I will wright another comment on this game when it is done downloading

Nice but should get an update,

I love the game, and as I used to love the Eagles, I had not such a big interest because I didn’t know how the game worked, but with this game, it gave me some of the experiences with it, and that’s awesome, but please, maybe add a training area or something to maybe train your football player, it would be a nice addition to the game

It is ok...

This is a pretty decent app. It has all the things you need, but... It takes up so much storage! I had to delete many of my useful apps just to get this app. Also, it takes very long to download. I recommend this, if you are very patient.

Cool game

It is sooooooooo cool


Come on fix the new update, I love this game this time of year...

Pretty awesome

It’s very VERY good, but please add back fantasy football. I love fantasy football and heard from websites injury free football and HUGE prizes

Iphone X problem

I cant even leave the screen after creating my avatar. I hit “done” and the game wont move forward idk if its an Iphone X problem or what but no matter how many times i try it wont work. So since i cant even attempt to play the game 1 star!!

Good game!!

I love this game it’s very fun to play and when I ever miss a game I can just look at the highlights on this app so I would definitely get this game


I finished Super Bowl and the story froze after the flight after the Super Bowl win and it’s not my phone that’s the problem my phone is new ands never laggy for me the game keep freezing


When I played it it wouldn't even budge I live in Illinois and the Bears were on well My kids tried and the cried Horrible just Horrible

This game needs work

The NPC are faster then you and most the receivers don’t run their full routes and stop half way during their route. Also a 30 yard run is like 12 points. When you need like 100- 500 points to win .

Amazing! (Until the update)

This game is AWESOME. But then the update came along and it dropped it WAS so... fun. Then the update ruined the game. sorry




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Such a good app

I am a super bowl fan go Eagles

This is the best not bad

This game is so fun I played it for 50min and it was awesome so fun


The game is pure impossible it’s the worst


1. Why is it that all the characters are puny and scrawny? 2. Very inaccurate with the 3 plays.. 3. Everyone looks like they’re teens yet they’re supposed to be adults on a great team 4. Why does the NPC move faster than you? 5. How does this relate to children, it’ll make them angry and nothing else! 6. They can’t run or go fast at all 7. What’s with the victory dance, no sportsmanship or kindness 8. After the match and in between? Come on TRASH 9. Spectators and board are crappily animated 10. WHERES a ref or announcer or anything In conclusion, I find this game crappy, don’t download it, you’re wasting your time!

I haven't played it yet

I haven't played it yet


Ok, I love this game! So dose my younger brother and sister!

Bad game

Takes way too much space up

Why u show patriats gear in photo




Im here for just robux

I play roblox and you can use oprewards to get robux by completing offers and you get points to cash out as robux


It’s really cool and awesome I love patriots tho #Tombradythegoat

Not good

It has very weird physics in the game, and they made it very annoying, because you need a ridiculous amount of points to win. Nothing else is really useful but the game, and it is still bad. I wouldn’t recommend this game. It is a better idea not even touching this game. Just go buy an old madden game, that would be better.


The games cheap. Kids are just gonna get frustrated with the challenges! Our players are not even close to being fast enough!




So I played this for more than 2 months any there are so much update problems you guys need to fix

Amazing game!

This game is so fun! It is soo cool because you can make your own avatars and play against teams and kick there butts easily. I also like this game because it is more simple and easier to play than madden,I’m not saying that madden is a bad game it’s just that it’s probably easier for kids that don’t understand football and is a more better beginner than madden. I think that I can understand a lot more about football than this game teaches you but it is better to keep it more simple for kids younger than me. I still think this is a fun and addictive game and I thank you madden for creating this game for me and everyone else

Just bad

I played the game for 30 min and I notice the NPC is faster then us and It’s just bad why you need a room and a Avatar for we have games like that and the throwing how can kids make it that means they cry get mad. You need luck in your side if you wanna play this horrible Game.I STILL HATE IT And it doesn’t teach kids anything why can’t you use math in the game and if you get correct you throw the football better.

Fun game and all but it crashes a lot

This game was really fun but My game always crashes when I try to press the super bowl theme

What i thought.

The cartoony art style has me hooked, it's adorable! The gameplay is amazing for NFL fans and non-fans alike! Thanks for this work of art! 🏉🏉🏉


Its so fun for kids and it has so much cool games in it too. AND ITS SO FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Fun Lil Football App...Great for Halftime Fun 🏈🎮

This is a blessing❤️🏉

I have used this app for a very long time and completely adore it. I get amazing highlights at my fingertips and can play small games of Football when and where I want. I also no longer scour the internet looking for times when games start. This app truly is a blessing from the NFL


Ok so I really like this game it’s very fun and I hope you read this, ok maybe you guys can make a actually game of this where you actually play games and you can choose a run play or a pass play and it’s exactly like real football and play seasons or quick games and do this stuff for practice on the game and you play defense too.

What A Good Game

Really good no bugs and can watch games I kind of missed




Ok it has arcade games but it’s a football game I think it’s needs a reals football game


Worst game I ever played. In running back hero there faster than you it stinks.


I think this is a awesome game

Nfl baba baby

It blew my mind.i want to give this a 10000000000000 star

Awesome is the definition of this game



This game is so much fun I love the free game

Best game ever!!

I love this app best one of all time, and I am 85 years old!

Looks like Minecraft...

I like it but it looks like Minecraft.


This was the perfect add on for all their games. For some younger kids madden mobile is too complicated and they don’t understand it. But this is perfect for kids with the animated simple football. Also perfect for adults because you get to see the schedule for you’re favorite team and watch the highlights of the game. I THOUGHT THAT FEATURE WAS AMAZING. I mean usually I’m scouring the internet for highlights. But now I have my favorite teams highlights right at my finger tips. Thank you very much To, THE NFL

I boycott the NFL

I will boycott everything NFL as long as the players boycott the National Anthem!

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